This is Stadium

Stadium is Sweden’s largest sports chain with approximately 180 stores in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

The Stadium Group consists of the concepts Stadium and Stadium Outlet, which together have approximately 180 physical stores and their respective e-commerce platforms. Together, they form Sweden's largest chain for sports and sports fashion. The headquarters of the Stadium Group, referred to as the "service office," is located in Norrköping and aims to support all stores and customer service. The company is owned by the Eklöf family and operates in Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

Stadium was the original concept launched over 30 years ago and now includes several specialty stores such as Stadium Ski and Stadium Plus. Stadium Outlet offers lower prices than the market in general thanks to larger bulk purchases.

Since 1995, Stadium Sports Camp has been organized for children and youth. Stadium Sports Camp has its own organization and operates as an SVB company (special profit distribution restriction), which means that Stadium Group reinvests and distributes all profits to participating clubs. Annually, around 7,000 children are engaged during the camp weeks.

With a vision to activate the world, Stadium aims to inspire everyone to lead an active life.

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